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What can I offer you as a client?

One area in which I have many years experience would be within your relationships including mediation and communication work whether in your personal life or workplace setting. This may involve helping you to explore your relationship with yourself. How we view ourselves can lead to self criticism and negative self talk and thinking patterns.

These in turn can result in repeated patterns of behaviour, which reinforce our negative thinking and critical views of ourselves. You may also be seeking help to improve your relationships with others - these may include your partners (past and present), children, parents, siblings, in laws or friendships. Another area in which you may experience relationship difficulties is in the workplace - this may include feeling bullied or marginalised or maybe you believe you are being overlooked in terms of promotion and work recognition.

I can help you to break down your thoughts and feelings in order to identify what is working well for you as well as considering possible for change. It may be that you are unable to change how other people think or behave but you do have the power and choice to rethink personal goals for change whether this be how you see yourself or how you respond to a partner, colleague or manager.

A few basic communication and behaviour techniques can help you to implement changes in all of your relationships.

Another area of expertise I can offer you as a client is with your psychological and general wellbeing. I have many years experience of working with stress and anxiety, clinical depression including self harming behaviours , eating disorders and ongoing suicidal thoughts. Do you need help with low mood and energy levels? Do you lack motivation and concentration but do not want to start taking medication or maybe you wish to supplement medication with therapy?

Do you feel overwhelmed by life and recent or past experiences or events? Do you feel disempowered or deskilled by certain people ? I can help you regain a sense of self control in your life and focus on the areas and relationships that are of most importance to you rather than wasting valuable energy on situations and relationships that you cannot influence or change.

No matter how trivial or significant your difficulties may be , it can be helpful to explore them in a supportive environment where you will never feel judged or unheard - your voice and opinion is of equal value to that of your partner, parent, colleague or manager.

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My Sessions

One on One

You will be invited to attend an initial consultation in which I will ask what difficulties and concerns have brought you in to counselling. I will ask about your health and wellbeing and for details of any current medications or treatments that you attending.

This will be a two way process in which we will both decide if therapy is the best way forward for you and if this should be with me or a more specialist agency .

You can expect this and ongoing sessions to last between 50 to 60 minutes.


You will both be invited to attend an initial consultation in which I will ask you both to provide details of any health issues and current medication and treatments.

I will then invite both parties to discuss their concerns and difficulties and indicate what changes they believe need to be made to improve the current relationship issues. It may be that I will ask to see you both individually for one session so that we can further focus on your individual needs and concerns. If violence or abuse is disclosed, I will discuss a safe way of working with you and negotiate a safety plan that must be adhered to by both parties for the duration of counselling.

Young People

An initial session will be offered in which parents or a friend can be present if requested. However, for ongoing work , a third party would only be present for the initial ten minutes

Supervision Service

I qualified in 2000 and have worked with counsellors employed in the NHS , GP surgeries , schools , Welfare Services, Ministry Of Defence , County Councils and in the past 2 years counsellors specialising in working with clients who have suffered sexual assault and abuse.

I supervise counsellors working with individuals , couples, families, young people and children and am able to offer face to face or telephone support. I appreciate the increasing complexity in client presentation and also the high levels of people seeking help for common Mental Health issues. Counsellor training does not necessarily equip counsellors assess risk at this level and my NHS background enables me to help you gain knowledge and skills to ensure you are working safely and ethically with complex and High Risk clients.

I am happy to work with individuals or small groups and am very happy to incorporate Personal as well as Professional Development in to supervision sessions.

Training Services

I have been offering training since 1997 and became a lecturer in Further Education in 2000.

I have delivered courses ranging from a ten week introductory level course through to the two year Counselling Diploma since that time.

I am happy to discuss your training requirements with you or your agency and consider devising a bespoke training package for your specific needs.

I am also able to offer training to small groups including short workshops or one day courses. Please contact me to discuss your training needs and I will do my best to help meet your criteria.


Past Courses

How long will it take?

This is determined by you and your personal needs and circumstances. It may be that change can be achieved after only a few sessions or you may decide to take a break to consolidate the work already done before returning for further sessions when you feel you are ready.

It may be that you have already had therapy and recognise a need for longer term work with a therapist to help overcome past events and experiences which may include abuse of any form , complex loss and bereavement issues or enduring and chronic illness , including clinical anxiety and depression.



Common Mental Health Issues

Are you feeling trapped, stressed , fatigued, isolated , overwhelmed, lacking in energy and motivation and maybe having suicidal thoughts ?

If so , therapy could help you to regain control of your life and help you to decide how best to move  and overcome the difficulties you are currently facing.

I can work with you to achieve your personal goals for change and guide you through appropriate coping strategies and techniques to help you sleep, manage your stress and anxiety , improve your time management and take control of your depression and low mood.
It is time to take control again and begin to plan for the future and the life that you would wish to be living. Everyone has options and choices they can make to alter the course of their life no matter how bleak the future may look -----   together we can achieve small steps a and begin to rebuild your life and self confidence.

You will never be asked to do something you are unhappy or uncomfortable with and we will review your progress and ongoing therapeutic needs on a regular basis to ensure you remain happy with the work we are doing in therapy. Time is precious to us all and so the therapy hour will be facilitated to ensure you receive the optimum level of support and guidance for your current needs.

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Relationship and Past Issues.

Do you feel burdened by past events and relationships? Do you feel a shadow of your former Self? has your relationship lost it's sparkle and passion? Do you and your partner waste valuable time and energy arguing over petty issues and bringing past grievances in to every argument?

If so , it may be time to consider relationship therapy. This can provide you with a safe environment in which to explore if your relationship is meeting your needs and decide what changes may need to be introduced in order to improve relationship dynamics for yourselves and also your children and wider family members.

Life is too short to spend weeks and months feeling unhappy and alone in your relationship. Help is available and change can be achieved through improved communication skills and regaining a couple focus in your relationship.

It may be that external relationships and circumstances have impacted on your family and relationship - again , I can work with you individually, as a couple or family to overcome the trauma and uncertainty that can result.

I am qualified to work with young people and so if it is your son or daughter that is causing you concern and they are willing to work with me in therapy , I am happy to meet them and assess their needs and if I am the most appropriate person to help them.

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Referring on to specialist services.

No counsellor is a specialist in all issues and I believe I have  duty of care to ensure that if I am aware of an Agency that can provide you or your family with more skilled help , I will discuss this with you at assessment or during therapy as your needs become clearer.

I adhere to the BACP Code of Ethics and receive regular supervision for all areas of my work on a monthly basis. If you have any concerns or questions about this please don't hesitate to contact me .

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One to One

You have given me my life back ---- I couldn't even leave the house to go shopping or take my daughter to school --- I feel a different person



You have really helped me to grow as a person as well as a counsellor


One to One

You helped me find a purpose and direction again when all I could see was emptiness and despair



I really enjoy working with you , I can play around with ideas and be creative



You are always so calm and approachable and willing to listen and offer suggestions



You always believed in us even when we didn't and even our own families were telling us we should separate because the arguments were hurting the children and making them naughty and insecure ... you have helped us not only as a couple but as a family ... we are always saying ' what would Karen tell us to do ?'  - it's like you are part of the family now!!

Annie and Ollie

One to One

Working with you has made me see that I have been depressed for years


One to One

I can finally see light at the end of the tunnel ... its been a long and painful process but worth it .... I now know who I really am and what I need in a relationship --- I can see why I always chose people who would never make me happy



You have given me skills to help me talk to people when they are really upset or angry thank you



You are inspirational and working with you has helped me believe in myself again



I wish I had found you years ago !! you have helped me to believe I do have the skills to work with such complex and high risk clients safely and ethically


One to One

You stayed with me at my darkest times ..... when I saw no purpose in living and believed my wife and family would be better off without me



You have helped make a dry subject come alive


One to One

I feel for the first time in my life that I have started to find the real me



I was terrified coming back into a classroom after all these years but I have felt judged or criticised and your ongoing support has been much appreciated -- thank you Karen



I always leave supervision feeling so much better than when I came in !!



The course has been life changing



For the first time in years , we can be open and honest with each other without starting an argument or being scared of hurting each other and the kids are a lot happier too

Dawn and Steve


Fun and interesting !!



I can recommend Karen unreservedly as a supervisor and counsellor . She is highly qualified and experienced , particularly in the field of mental health and relationship work for which she has provided quality supervision for me for a number of years.


Get in touch

Please call or email me to arrange an initial session or informal chat if you have any concerns or questions.

I am based in two Locations Lincoln and Nottingham but am happy to travel to other areas by agreement.

Fees are dependent on income and number of sessions. If you are happy to prebook and pay for 4 or 6 initial sessions a discount will be available. I always ask for a prepayment

Cancellations or appointment changes are to be made within 48 hours. 24 hours or less will incur a 50% charge of the fee payable.


All sessions are confidential and discretion is guaranteed unless harm to self/ selves or a third party is disclosed. I also have a legal duty of care to ensure the safety and wellbeing of all young people under 16 and vulnerable adults.


Individual Assesment £50
Couple / Relationship £55
Young People £50
Individual £50
Supervision £60 per hour
Reductions may be available by negotiation and dependent upon your circumstances
Supervision rates - Dependent upon experience and income
Payment is to be made in cash or by bank transfer please

All sessions are confidential and discretion is guaranteed unless harm to self/ selves or a third party is disclosed. I also have a legal duty of care to ensure the safety and wellbeing of all young people under 16 and vulnerable adults.


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